SESATS XI (11) is an online thoracic surgery self-assessment educational tool available for immediate access upon purchase. This version comes with all exam materials, permitting instant access to questions, critiques, abstracts and references, plus hundreds of digital images and movies. SESATS XI (11) also lets you link to sites for easy research. SESATS XI (11) is available at

The Board would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge the Section Editors and Question Writers for the time and effort that they devoted to writing questions for SESATS XI (11).

Section Editors  
Carl Backer, MD Chicago, IL
David Campbell, MD Hershey, PA
Richard Feins, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Leonard Girardi, MD New York, NY
T. Sloane Guy, MD Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie Mick, MD Cleveland, OH
K. Robert Shen, MD Rochester, MN
Question Writers  
Mark Allen, MD Rochester, MN
Harold Burkhart, MD Oklahoma City, OK
John Calhoon, MD San Antonio, TX
Robert Cerfolio, MD Birmingham, AL
Gordon Cohen, MD San Francisco, CA
John Costello, MD Chicago, IL
Desmond D’Souza, MD Cleveland, OH
Marcello Dasilva, MD Chicago, IL
Chad Denlinger, MD Charleston, SC
Claude Deschamps, MD Rochester, MN
Elisabeth Dexter, MD Buffalo, NY
Robert Farivar, MD Philadelphia, PA
Matthew Facktor, MD Danville, PA
Joseph Friedberg, MD Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie Fuller, MD Philadelphia, PA
Jose Garcia, MD Boston, MA
Danielle Gottlieb, MD New York, NY
Eric Grogan, MD Nashville, TN
Julian Guitron, MD Cincinnati, OH
Sandeep Gupta, MD Stony Brook, NY
Arthur Hill, MD San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Hirsch-Romano, MD Ann Arbor, MI
James Huang, MD New York, NY
G. Chad Hughes, MD Durham, NC
Jeffrey Jacobs, MD Petersburg, FL
Michael Jaklitsch, MD Boston, MA
Dawn Jaroszewski, MD Phoenix, AZ
Mark Joseph, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Clayton Kaiser, MD San Francisco, CA
Mark Katlic, MD Baltimore, MD
Kenneth Kesler, MD Indianapolis, IN
Mark Krasna, MD Neptune, NJ
John Kucharczuk, MD Philadelphia, PA
John Lazar, MD New York, NY
Abraham Lebenthal, MD Boston, MA
Bradley Leshnower, MD Atlanta, GA
Moishe Liberman, MD, PhD Montreal, Quebec
Phillip Linden, MD Cleveland, OH
Jason Long, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Charles Mack, MD New York, NY
Peter Manning, MD St. Louis, MO
Jim McClurkin, MD Doylestown, PA
Emmett Dean McKenzie, MD Houston, TX
Rob Meguid, MD Aurora, CO
Helen Mari Merritt, MD San Antonio, TX
Carlos Mery, MD Houston, TX
Sudish Murthy, MD Cleveland, OH
Jennifer Nelson, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Francis Nichols, MD Rochester, MN
John Odell, MD Jacksonville, FL
Daniel Oh, MD Los Angeles, CA
Subroto Paul, MD New York, NY
Allan Pickens, MD Atlanta, GA
Frank Pigula, MD Boston, MA
Saila Pillai, MD Boston, MA
Michael Reed, MD Hershey, PA
Justin Reeves, MD Denver, CO
Arash Salemi, MD New York, NY
Juan Sanchez, MD Baltimore, MD
Walter Scott, MD Philadelphia, PA
Ryan Shelstad, MD Denver, CO
Richard Shemin, MD Los Angeles, CA
Behzad Soleimani, MD Hershey, PA
Sandra Starnes, MD Cincinnati, OH
Chad Stasik, MD San Antonio, TX
Alan Stewart, MD New York, NY
Brendon Stiles, MD New York, NY
Stacey Su, MD Philadelphia, PA
Jack Sun, MD Seattle, WA
Yoshiya Toyoda, MD Philadelphia, PA
Nakul Vakil, MD Cleveland, OH
Nirmal Veeramachaneni, MD Kansas City, KS
Wickii Vigneswaran, MD Chicago, IL
Jennifer Wan, MD Modesto, CA
Fred Weber, MD Somers Point, NJ
Winfield Wells, MD Los Angeles, CA
Grayson Wheatley III, MD Philadelphia, PA
Glen Whitman, MD Baltimore, MD
Bryan Whitson, MD Columbus, OH
Samuel Youssef, MD Seattle, WA


Free SESATS IX (9) Application

The Board is pleased to announce the availability of SESATS IX (9) as a free application through the iTunes store.  It can be found by searching for SESATS at the following link:

The Board would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Edward Bender for creating the free SESATS IX (9) application that can be used by our Diplomates and Residents.


SESATS X (10) is an online thoracic surgery self-assessment educational tool. This version comes with all exam materials, permitting instant access to questions, critiques, abstracts and references, plus hundreds of digital images and movies. SESATS X (10) also lets you link to sites on the internet for easy research. CME is no longer issued for SESATS X (10). For more information or to purchase SESATS X (10), visit 

SESATS and the Qualifying Exam

Although the Board uses SESATS as a basis for its MOC Exam, the Board does not consider it a primary reference guide for the Part I (Written) Certification Exam. The Board encourages candidates for initial certification to consider preparing for the Part I (Written) Exam by using more formal reference materials, such as cardiothoracic textbooks, journals, and courses.

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