Instructions for Candidates

The 2017 application for certification process is now Open. The Board will accept completed applications until September 15, 2017. Applications received after this deadline will be deferred to next year's certification cycle. Please read the following instructions before starting the application process, which can be found HERE:

1.  Before starting the application, candidates should enter all of their operative cases into the Resident OpLogs either through the ACGME system or the Board's system, which can found on the left-side navigational bar. Cases should be entered through the last day of residency, even if all of the cases index and volume requirements have already been met.

This year, the operative data will be submitted directly to the Board from the ACGME in mid-September, instead of by the candidates with their applications. Likewise, the Board has access to the operative data on its web site, so there is no need for the candidates for certification to submit this data.

2.  The application has two parts, one that is completed by the candidate and one that is completed by the Program Director. The first step is for candidates to complete all of the fields in their half of the application;

3.  Candidates will be expected to include the following documents with their applications:

a.  A copy of all U.S. medical licenses (pdf format); and

b.  A photograph (pdf or jpg format) that is not more than 2 inches by 2 inches (passport size);

c.  If using the ABTS OpLogs instead of the ACGME OpLogs, candidates should include the ABTS Tracking Form.

4.  Candidates will also need to provide the following information in the application:

a.  Name of medical school and year of graduation;

b.  General Surgery residency and dates;

c.  Thoracic Surgery residency and dates;

d.  Current hospital appointments and dates;

e.  ABS Certification # and year (optional);

f.  Documentation of ATLS, FLS and ACLS (current or expired) for residents who started their training between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2017;

g.  Registration fee of $600 (non-refundable) is payable by Visa, Master Card or American Express at the Board's E-commerce Store located at

5.  As part of the application, Candidates will be asked to agree to security statements and other items and/or release statements in the application.

6.  Once an application is complete, candidates need to "Save" the applications and electronically send it to their Program Directors along with the other request documents.

7. The Program Director will need to review the application and verify the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate in the application. He/she will also need to review the candidate's Operative Logs on the ACGME or ABTS web site.

8.  Next, the Program Director will need to complete his/her part of the application, which includes signing the Certification of Case List and Endorsement of Candidate statements. 

9.  The last and final step is for the Program Director to submit the application and other requested documents to the Board Office by the deadline of September 15, 2017.  Applications should be submitted to Ms. Manoli Valencia at  

Please note that the Board will send approval letters to candidates only after the ACGME has sent the operative data to the ABTS. Candidates should expect approval letters in early October.

Once an application is received, it is considered the official and only record. The Board assumes that the appropriate signatures authenticate the accuracy of the case lists and all other information submitted on the application.

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