The primary purpose and most essential function of the Board is to protect the public by establishing and maintaining high standards in thoracic surgery. To achieve these objectives, the Board has established qualifications for examination and procedures for certification and Maintenance of Certification. The requirements and procedures are reviewed regularly and modified as necessary.

Board certification in a medical specialty is evidence that a physician's qualifications for specialty practice are recognized by his or her peers. It is not intended to define the requirements for membership on hospital staffs, to gain special recognition or privileges for its Diplomates, to define the scope of specialty practice, or to state who may or may not engage in the practice of the specialty. Specialty certification of a physician does not relieve a hospital's governing body from responsibility in determining the hospital privileges of such specialist.

The Board now use the terms "board eligible" or "board qualified." The Board does not consider any physician to be a candidate for examination until he or she has made formal application and has been accepted for examination. Acceptance for examination acknowledges only that the candidate has successfully fulfilled the requirements and does not recognize that he or she is a specialist in thoracic surgery.

The ABTS is one of 24 medical specialty boards that make up the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).  Through ABMS, the boards work together to establish common standards for physicians to achieve and maintain board certification.  The boards were founded by their respective specialties to protect the public by assessing and certifying doctors who meet specific educational, training and professional requirements.  The ABTS is an independent, non-profit organization. For more information about the ABMS, visit www.abms.org


Board Of Directors 2014

Front Row:  William Baumgartner (Executive Director), Cameron Wright (Vice Chair), Richard Shemin (Chair), Mark Allen (Exam Chair), John Mayer, Jr.

Back Row:  David Jones, Bryan Meyers, Yolonda Colson, Walter Merrill, Bill Putnam, Ara Vaporciyan, Tom Bowler, Joseph Dearani, John Byrne, George Magovern, James Tweddell, Mary Klingensmith, Robert Higgins

Board Information
New ABTS Leadership

The ABTS is pleased to announce that Dr. Bryan F. Meyerst (St. Louis, MO) will serve as the Chair of the Board from 2017-2019.  

Dr. Joe B. Putnam, Jr. (Jacksonville, FL) was elected to be the next Vice Chair and will serve in this position from 2017-2019.  

Dr. Yolonda Colson (Boston, MA) was appointed the next Examination Chair and will serve in this position from 2017-2020.

New Board Director

The ABTS is pleased to announce that the following Diplomates were elected to the Board of Directors and will each serve a six year term from 2017 to 2022:


Jennifer Lawton, MD

(Baltimore, MD)


Thoralf Sundt, III, MD

(Boston, MA)


Malcolm DeCamp, MD

(Chicago, IL)


John Mitchell, MD

(Denver, CO)


Carl Backer, MD

(Chicago, IL)


Jennifer Romano, MD<

(Ann Arbor, MI)

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